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Invisible rear Electromagnetic Parking SensorsMade in Italy

The new features of the parking sensor EPS-DUAL 2.0 are:

- Central unit placed inside the car close the back lamps.

- Adjustable sensitivity in 4 steps.

- Easier and faster installation.

Invisible front Electromagnetic Parking SensorsMade in Italy

The new features of parking sensors EPS-DUAL FRONT:

- Unit placed inside the car under the dashboard.

- Adjustable sensitivity.

- Different characteristic compared with the rear model.

The best way to safely park

The operation of the parking sensor EPS is simple and effective. When activated, the system immediately gives a first sign of good self-diagnosis. At the same time inspects the coverage area and the outdoor temperature in order to adjust accordingly its sensitivity to climate conditions. Then begin to detect, in its range, the presence of obstacles in the approach phase from about 70-80 cm distance.

Invisible and invulnerable

Invisible electromagnetic parking sensors

No longer are the visible round or oval sensors drilled into the bumper needed which spoil the lines of today's prestige cars. As the electronic control unit of EPS® is very compact (less the size of a pack of cigarettes), it can be easily installed in the baggage compartment of the car. In addition, the sensor is absolutely invisible and cannot be damaged since it is installed inside the bumper.

A new technology parking sensor

Proxel offers an economic and very useful device for easy manoeuvring and parking preventing shocks that can cause unwanted damages to your car and those of others.

Car Parking Sensor

Proxel have pioneered in the market bringing a completely new system using a flexible metallic strip hidden INSIDE the bumper; from outside there is no visible sign that the parking sensor has been installed.

Useful in car garage

Reduces the risk of unwanted contacts due to distraction, poor visibility or lack of space in the parking lots in the city and inside the garages.

Electromagnetic Parking Sensor box

Electromagnetic Parking Sensor obstacles

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Sensors position on your car

Check our catalog on correct positioning of the parking sensors for your car.

Positioning auto parking sensors


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