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Invisible rear Electromagnetic Parking SensorsMade in Italy


The new features of the parking sensor EPS-DUAL 4.0 are:

- New connection between control unit and antenna sensor.

- Adjustable sensitivity in 4 steps.

- Easier and faster installation.

Invisible front Electromagnetic Parking SensorsMade in Italy


The new features of parking sensors EPS-FRONT 4.0:

- Adjustable sensitivity.

- Different characteristic compared with the rear model.

The best way to park safely

The operation of the EPS Parking Sensor is straightforward and efficient. When activated, the system initiates a quick self-diagnosis to confirm proper functioning while simultaneously assessing the coverage area and external temperature. This evaluation allows the sensor to adapt its sensitivity to current environmental and weather conditions, ensuring effective performance during use. As the vehicle moves, the sensor starts detecting obstacles in the surrounding area from a distance of about 70-80 cm.

Electromagnetic parking sensors represent a significant innovation in the sector, as a single sensor replaces the traditional 4 ultrasonic sensors. This unique sensor consists of an adhesive aluminum strip applied inside the bumper, generating an electromagnetic field along its entire length once the control unit is activated. When it detects obstacles, this electromagnetic field is altered, causing the control unit to emit visual or audible warning signals. The sensors can be mounted without the need for drilling holes, simply by positioning the sensor inside the bumper. Although the price is higher compared to the classic ultrasonic solution, this technology is expected to quickly gain popularity due to its advanced performance.

Invisible and invulnerable

Invisible electromagnetic parking sensors

The outer surface of the bumper maintains its visual integrity, without undergoing any aesthetic alteration, unlike ultrasonic sensors. The EPS® electronic control unit is extremely compact (even smaller than a pack of cigarettes), making it easy to install in the car's trunk. Additionally, the antenna sensor is completely invisible as it's placed inside the bumper, ensuring protection from external damage.

A new parking sensor technology

Proxel offers an affordable and highly practical device designed to facilitate parking maneuvers, reducing the risk of collisions and accidental damage to both your vehicle and others'.

Car Parking Sensor

Proxel's car parking sensor represents an innovation in the field, utilizing a flexible metal strip applied INSIDE the bumper. Externally, there are no visible signs indicating the sensor's installation, ensuring a clean and discreet aesthetic.

Useful in garages and tight spaces

Invisible electromagnetic parking sensors reduce the risk of accidental collisions due to distractions, poor visibility, or limited space in city parking, garages, and tight spots.

Electromagnetic Parking Sensor box

Electromagnetic Parking Sensor obstacles

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Sensors position on your car

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