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Example of Installation

The EPS® parking sensors come with universal mounting instructions that make installation accessible to any user. The installation process is easy and fast.

Listed below are all the components that make up the EPS-DUAL 4.0 rear model.


Central unit parking sensors EPS-DUAL 4.0

Central unit

Antenna sensor

Antenna sensor

Data cable for antenna connection

Data cable

Special butyl mastic

Special butyl mastic

Power cable

Power cable

Buzzer / speaker




Installation procedure for the antenna sensor::

The first phase involves removing the bumper to apply the metal strip included in the kit (similar to an adhesive tape) along the inner surface of the bumper.


Application of antenna sensor - start
Application of antenna sensor


The antenna sensor can also be applied to bumpers with irregularities, as shown in the image. The strip can be bent and shaped to fit the bumper's form.

Example antenna installation on an irregular bumper - Alfa


Electrical connections and positioning of the control unit:

At this stage, it's crucial to establish a proper connection between the Data Cable and the antenna sensor, carefully sealing the contact point with the provided sealant. Identify the reverse light power cables and proceed to connect the positive and negative poles of the EPS® sensor wiring to the corresponding poles of the reverse light (in the case of rear installation). This configuration ensures the system activates only when the reverse gear is engaged.


Connect wiring to the sensor antenna
Connect power supply wiring to reverse lamp

Placement of the Buzzer:

Lastly, place the small speaker, known as the Buzzer, inside the vehicle cabin. This component provides audible alerts during the operation of the electromagnetic parking sensor.


Positioning buzzer

Positioning the Buzzer


Useful guides for installing the parking sensors EPS®