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Proxel invisible parking sensors displayMade in Italy

EPS-DUAL 2.0 with DISPLAY Complete rear parking sensor set

The EPS-DUAL 2.0 with DISPLAY gives the approaching of the obstacle with three different alerts: pre-alarm (green), alarm (yellow) and risk of contact (red).

As the base model has the capability to adjust its sensitivity (detection range) with the dip-switch.

When reverse gear is engaged the EPS-DUAL 2.0 with Display provides an instant, automatic, self-diagnostic function that maps out the surrounding area of your rear bumper constantly monitoring this as you reverse, providing you with 3 different audible tones and visual LED's (Zones) alerting you of your proximity to surrounding objects.

The electronic central unit (ECU) is positioned inside the car close the back gear lamp and the Display module, thanks to its 6 m cable, on top of the rear view mirror using the self adhesive strip that’s already applied to the back of display.

These three types of alerts sound:



Bips with increasing frequency (alert signal)
EPS alerts you of presence and approach of the obstacles.


Continuous sound at high-frequency (alarm signal).
EPS informs that the obstacles is at a distance variable between 30 and 15 cm from the bumper.


Continuous sound low-frequency (risk of contact).
The bumper is 15-10 cm close the obstacle.

Detection zones


Universal and customizable

Adjustable sensitivity. With the new parking sensor EPS-DUAL 2.0 you can choose between four different calibrations; this to facilitate installation on most cars.

Electromagnetic parking sensors - Control

Antenna sensor

Antenna sensor 3.50 meters long: With such a long antenna sensor you can install the EPS-DUAL 2.0 even on very long bumpers like those of campers and motor home.

Sensor antenna - parking sensors

Cable RF (Radio Frequency)

New software and new connection ECU/SENSOR: Thanks to a new software and the shielded RF cable, the system is no more disturbed by a no proper connection between the central unit and antenna sensor.

Electromagnetic parking sensors - RF cable


Display for Car Parking Sensor mod. EPS-DUAL 2.0

The dispaly is activated automatically when reverse is selected, a message is through the illumination of the LEDs and audible alarms grow with decreasing distance from any obstacles (people, walls, poles or bollards also lower bumper height, other vehicles).

Display parking sensor rear invisible

Led + Sound

1) The first three green LEDs inform the driver that an obstacle is approaching.

2) The two yellow LEDs light up in sequence when the obstacle comes close to the bumper at a distance ranging from 15 to 30 cm depending on the type of obstacle. These values correspond to the central zone. On the corners of the bumper the distance is less.

3) The two red LEDs will light up when an obstacle is very close to the bumper (15-10 cm) to give a warning of possible contact.

Display proxel rear dual


Display proxel rear dual dashboard car


Central Unit (ECU)

Width = 4,0 cm

Length = 8,5 cm

Height = 2 cm

Voltage range: 9,5V to 18V

Maximum current consumption: 70 mA

Operating temperature:: -20 to +90 °C

Invisible electromagnetic parking sensors - Control unit

Power Cable

Length = 1 m

2-way connector

Invisible electromagnetic parking sensors - Wiring

RF Cable

Length = 1,2 m

Socket: 3,5 mm

2-way connector

Shielded cable for the connection between ECU and antenna-sensor.

Invisible electromagnetic parking sensors - RF cable


Cable: 6 m

4-way connector

A: 10 cm

B: 2 cm

Depth: 1,5 cm

Colour: metallic gray

Display proxel rear
Proxel invisible parking sensors display black

Antenna sensor

Length = 3,5 m

Width = 1 cm

Thickness = 0,07 mm

Invisible electromagnetic parking sensors - Antenna

Special butyl sealing compound

Length = 12 cm

Width = 2,5 cm

Thickness = 3 mm

Adhesive Mastic for the fixing of the ends of the antenna sensor

Invisible electromagnetic parking sensors - mastic



  • Installation Manual
  • Size: 1 MB
Download Manual


Please contact us if you have any doubts about the compatibility of your vehicle.


Vehicles that are not compatible with the parking sensor EPS-DUAL 2.0:

Pickup Mazda | Mitsubishi L200 | Nissan Patrol (with metal bumper) | Nissan Pathfinder (version with spare wheel on the tailgate) | Nissan Navara | Toyota Rav 4 (before 2006) | Audi A4 (2006) | Fiat Doblo (pre 2010) | Isuzu D-Max | VW T5 California | volkswagen amarok | Nissan Primastar | Jeep Cherokee (version with spare wheel on the tailgate) | Jeep Wrangler | Peugeot Partner Tepee | Mitsubishi Pajero | Mercedes ML 2002 | VW Caddy | Hyundai H1 | Suzuki Splash (2014) | Fiat Ducato | Land Rover Discovery 2 | Land Rover Defender | Mercedes Vito | Range Rover 1999 | Renault Trafic | Toyota Hilux | Fiat Fullback

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