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Principle of operation of parking sensor EPS®


This device is designed to provide effective help in reversing maneuvres often difficult for the little rear visibility of some cars in helping significantly the driver especially in the insertion between two parked cars when the space available is very small.


Parking sensors in reverse

The parking sensors EPS®, produced exclusively by PROXEL, are based on an innovative concept that uses electromagnetic waves with low energy.

When reverse gear is selected the small control unit generates an electromagnetic field and transfers this to the transceiver adhesive strip that is placed on the inner side of and run the length of your bumper.

The magnetic strip, called antenna sensor, sends out an elliptical electric field to cover the full area around your bumper. The transceiver strip works by creating an electric field unlike ultrasonic sensors that require at least 4 visible transducers and that, if dirty, can highly deteriorate their detection capability.

When an object with a certain mass (i.e. people, kerbs, cars, walls etc) enters this elliptical zone, a perturbation of the electric field is created and an increase in voltage is detected by the control unit and you are then informed by a series of audible tones how close you are to the object. You can then manoeuvre accordingly with plenty of time to react.


The parking sensor EPS® is able to detect the approach of an obstacle to bumper along its entire length without any point of discontinuity.

It is a useful device that saves bumpers, particularly those painted, because can signal the obstacle until a few inches before contact and you can approach just to the last inch.

His most congenial applicability is right inside the bumper of a car that was born to protect it from impact against any obstacle and it has become today almost only a matter of style and decoration. In fact the installation of the parking sensor EPS® does not alter the aesthetics of the bumper.

The alert and alarm sounds are generated only when the vehicle is approaching to the obstacle. A fixed object in front of the bumper, for example the towing hook, is not detected and not disturb the normal functioning of the device. It's the only Parking Sensor available that is compatible with vehicles that have a tow bar fitted.

The electronic control unit can be easily mounted in the luggage compartment of the car due to its small size (less than a package of cigarettes). The antenna sensor is also absolutely invisible and protected and not subject to possible damages being installed inside the bumper. The electrical connections are minimized: it is only necessary to connect the wires that feed the electronic unit to the reverse gear lamp.


Detection zone

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